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Glycol Chillers - AQUACIAT 2

Detailed description :

- LD : without hydraulic system
- LDC : with hydraulic system without buffer tank
- LDH : with complete hydraulic system with buffer tank

Cooling capacity (Pf) de : 20 à 300 kW
Heating capacity (Pc) de : 20 à 285 kW

Medium-power air chiller for cooling in collective, tertiary, industry or health homes.
This device can be connected to transmitters such as cooling underfloor heating, terminal units (fan coil units, water cassettes) or air handling units.
It is designed to be installed outside as standard, without special precautions against bad weather.

- R410A refrigerant
- Compact material with low floor area
- Device entirely fitted with removable lacquered sheet metal panels for outdoor installation
- 1 or 2 independent refrigeration circuits
- 1 to 4 new generation SCROLL compressors with high efficiency
- Water heat exchanger with brazed plates
- 1 to 4 axial fans
- Multilingual and ergonomic CIAT control module with Connect microprocessor with many self-adapting functions
- Communication with BMS via RS 485 output (MODBUS / JBUS as standard - LON as an option)

- EER and ESEER energy efficiency excellent thanks to the high efficiency fluid, exchangers and high performance compressors
- Respect for the environment by the use of refrigerant with zero effect on the ozone layer
- Very low noise level, no vibration
- Restricted dimensions facilitating the installation of the device
- Device tested in the factory and delivered in working order with easy hydraulic connection for quick installation
- Power supply without neutral because the transformer is provided in the electrical cabinet
- Maintenance at your fingertips thanks to a clear display of information and easily removable panels that give access to all organs
- Operation all weather, any climate, all applications for air temperatures between -15 ° C and + 50 ° C
- Short construction times with many references available from stock, rapid production of the largest models
- Versatility of regulation, remote communication, output contacts, user-friendly interface