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B50 gas cylinder heater cover

Detailed description :

The gas bottle warmer B50 allows to heat and maintain the gas bottle at a maximum temperature of + 55 ° C, compensating for the cooling of the bottle generated by the expansion of the gas, and thus avoiding a detrimental pressure drop emptying its content.

The B50 gas cylinder heater is a flexible heating panel composed of a red heating surface and a blue insulated face.
The heater has 2 separately regulated heating zones: 1 upper zone and 1 lower zone; the 2 zones compensate for the losses of the B50 bottle according to its filling level; it is a safe and ready to use device.
Its side closure system with velcro® strip allows good application of the heater to the bottle, a prerequisite for good heat exchange.

The gas cylinder heater B50 covers the entire cylindrical part of the barrel, it provides gentle and homogeneous heating, which preserves the product from excessive heating.
Thanks to its large insulated surface, it allows to reduce as much as possible the losses.

- Nominal power : 400 W (art. 003881)
- Standard voltage : 230 V
- Power cable : 3 m
- External dimensions : Height = 1.45 m Width = 0.73 m
- Color heated face : red
- Color insulated side : blue
- Protection index : IP 54