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Fine chemistry

Tanks for the fine chemical industry: cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Stainless steel tanks are storage tanks that are used to hold a wide variety of substances. Among them, many industries use stainless steel tanks to contain chemicals for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Stainless steel tanks and reactors for the chemical industry are often subjected to extremely demanding conditions. This type of equipment is subject to wide temperature fluctuations, while containing highly corrosive products and withstanding pressures, with the risk of explosion also being an important consideration.

Whether for mixing tanks or storage tanks, it is important to ensure the reliability, durability and safety of the components used throughout the manufacturing process of the proposed tanks.

Tank buckling and sealing
Avoiding the risk of leakage and deformation of stainless steel is essential to the structural integrity of your tanks. For this reason, a rigorous design process is applied during manufacture and assembly. The quest for flawless weld quality prevents leaks and structural defects. In addition, extreme care is taken when transporting the tanks.

High resistance to chemical corrosion
Stainless steel quality 304L and 316L is a very flexible, strong and easy to work with material. For these properties it is the material of choice, especially for its high durability. It is the ideal material for the storage of hazardous materials.

Explosion safety
The storage of any product in a tank always involves a risk of explosion due to the pressure differences caused by the filling of the tank. This risk is even greater when storing chemicals. It is therefore important to ensure that the strictest safety measures are followed and that all regulations and legislation are complied with when producing this type of tank.

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