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Quality, safety and investment

Guide to buying industrial equipment

Are you considering buying industrial equipment, particularly reconditioned equipment, that is both cost-effective and practical? Your investment decisions depend on crucial factors such as warranty, safety and overall quality. Find out why Arsilac stands out in these key areas.

Unrivalled quality of Arsilac

Arsilac is proud to offer industrial production and storage equipment with an absolute guarantee of quality. Each product, manufactured in Europe, undergoes rigorous quality controls in accordance with industry-specific standards.

Risk reduction

Any equipment purchase carries a certain level of risk associated with potential wear and tear. Arsilac's warranty minimises this risk, providing a safety net in the event of unexpected defects or failures.

Reliable purchasing decisions

Investing in equipment requires total confidence in its ability to meet your needs. The insurance offered by Arsilac allows you to make informed purchasing decisions, adding a layer of security to your investment.

Customised equipment warranties

Arsilac inspects all its products before delivery to ensure that they are guaranteed for first use. However, different equipment requires specific warranties. Here is a breakdown of the warranties:

New equipment : 1-year warranty
Used tanks : 6-month guarantee
Wine Presses : 1 year warranty

In conclusion, the purchase of industrial equipment must be based on quality, safety and informed purchasing decisions. Arsilac sets itself apart by offering unrivalled quality and guarantees tailored to each type of equipment. Put your trust in Arsilac for your industrial projects.

Arsilac is committed to meeting all your requirements and providing the quality you need for new and used industrial equipment.

Choose quality with Arsilac and let's talk about your project !



Q1 : What is the warranty period for Arsilac's new equipment ?

The warranty for new equipment is one year.

Q2 : Does Arsilac offer warranties for second-hand equipment ?

Yes, Arsilac offers a 6-month guarantee for used tanks.

Q3 : What is the guarantee for Arsilac wine presses ?

Wine presses are guaranteed for 1 campaign.

Q4 : How does Arsilac minimise the risks associated with potential wear and tear ?

Arsilac offers a comprehensive warranty that acts as a safety net in the event of unexpected defects.

Q5 : Can I trust the quality of equipment manufactured in Europe by Arsilac ?

Absolutely, every product undergoes rigorous quality controls in accordance with industry-specific standards.

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