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Olive growing

Application of stainless steel vats in olive growing

NEW stainless steel tanks for olive growing: A professional solution with many advantages

Our new stainless steel tanks are specially designed to meet the precise needs of the olive oil industry, offering advanced technical features for optimum olive oil conservation:

  • Bright annealed stainless steel
    This finish provides greater resistance to corrosion and makes cleaning easier, while ensuring that the material remains neutral without altering the taste or aroma of the oil.
  • Curved bottom with spout
    This specific design facilitates oil recovery and optimises the draining process, minimising residue and enabling more efficient cleaning.
  • Stainless steel ball valve with Teflon seat
    The valve, designed to ensure a perfect seal and easy handling, is ideal for precise control of oil flow, while preventing contamination thanks to the Teflon seat.
  • Light opacity
    Stainless steel is naturally opaque, offering total protection against light, a key factor in preserving the freshness and organoleptic properties of olive oil by avoiding photochemical degradation.
  • Inert gas connection
    To prevent oil oxidation, we offer a connection system that allows inert gas to be injected, creating a protective atmosphere for the oil.
  • Temperature control system
    As an option, our tanks can be fitted with a temperature control system, ensuring that the oil is stored under ideal conditions to preserve its properties.

By choosing our stainless steel tanks for your olive oil production, you are opting for a high-quality solution, designed to maximise the conservation and purity of your olive oil, while offering ease of maintenance and durability.

A sustainable and economical alternative: our second-hand stainless steel tanks

To cater for a wider range of needs and budgets, we also offer a carefully selected range of used stainless steel tanks. Each of these tanks has been thoroughly inspected and refurbished to ensure that it offers the same quality of preservation and functionality as our new models. Opting for a second-hand tank is not only an economical choice, but also an eco-responsible one, extending the life of high-quality materials. These vats retain all their essential characteristics, such as opacity to light and chemical inertness, ensuring optimum protection for your olive oil without compromising its purity or qualities.

By choosing our second-hand solutions, you benefit from reliable, high-performance equipment, while contributing to a more sustainable approach in the olive industry.

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