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Stainless steel tanks for breweries

Conical cylindrical fermentation tanks are mainly used for beer fermentation. This allows the yeast to settle in the cone at the end of fermentation and be easily separated from the young beer for clean phase separation when harvesting the yeast.

Professional brewers use conical fermenters for their durability as well as their practicality.

The conical shape of the bottom allows yeast and other sediments to fall to the bottom of the fermenter where they can be removed through the bottom drain valve. Conical fermenters also make it easier to rack the beer, as they can be gravity-fed or pressurized with CO2 to force the beer out.

With conical fermenters, it is no longer necessary to use a racking rod, as is the case with buckets and carboys (plastic tanks with valves). The conical fermenters have a filling arm integrated in the middle and upper part of the cone. This racking arm reaches into the center of the fermenter above the level of the lees and sediment and allows clean beer to be racked and sampled.

Overall, stainless steel cone fermenters are very easy to use and are an excellent upgrade for any craft brewery. One trick to help make an investment in new equipment worthwhile is to collect and reuse yeast from previous batches. Indeed, by opening the drain valve to collect the yeast in a sanitized container, it is possible to wash the yeast, or simply incorporate the used yeast suspension in the next batch!

For stainless steel fermentation tanks, Arsilac helps you choose the ideal equipment for your project and in adequacy with your brewing process.

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