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Dismantling at Moët & Chandon

Repurchase and dismantling

A look back at the dismantling of 51 stainless steel 316 tanks of 220 and 330 HL.

Throughout France, we are specialists in the recycling of inactive stainless steel or fibreglass tanks.
The old tanks still have value and in addition to a financial advantage, reconditioning allows us to give them a second life
before their materials are finally recycled.

After an examination of the quality of the storage or production units, we can determine the general condition and
the general condition and thus find out to what extent it is worthwhile to buy it back.

As a purchaser of used tanks, we then take care of all the other delicate steps involved in realisation:
dismantling, transport, storage and cleaning of the area in which they were stored.
We ensure a precise and safe dismantling of the structures.
We dismantle and collect all waste, leaving the warehouse clean for further use.

Thank you to Moët & Chandon for their trust.

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