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Buying and selling tanks, containers, pumps and cisterns

Purchase and sale of industrial products and services

Founded in 2006, in Provence, the Arsilac company offers a large stock of new and used equipment in several sectors of activity. Specializing in the wine sector, Arsilac also offers the buyback and sale of industrial products in several areas, whether food or chemical. A team is at your disposal for any questions concerning your project.

• Tank supplier •

New or used, we have a very large stock of stainless steel, steel or fibreglass tanks for any processing, fermentation, mixing or storage solution. Our team is available to identify the most suitable solution for your needs from our online stock, updated in real time. Discover below the types of research to refine your needs:

New tanks Used tanks
Floating top tanks Closed tanks
Mixing tanks Thermoregulated tanks
Stainless steel tanks Polyester tanks
Steel tanks  

• Know how •

Arsilac supports you in the creation of your project by defining at your side the equipment at the best value for money and the most suited to your needs. Turnkey: this is our asset; for your entire project, you will only have one contact until commissioning. Our team takes care of everything: from study to design, including the construction and installation of your business. Our unique know-how is essential for your satisfaction. Contact our team to discuss your project.

• Skills •

Arsilac offers all the wine equipment from the reception of the harvest to the bottling. , We work with the best brands, meeting the requirements of the standards of the profession. New or used, our range of equipment covers pressing, temperature control, the storage, winemaking, pumping, reception and bottling of grapes.

• Revaluation •

Arsilac also buys equipment everywhere in France: Containers, pumps, filters, exchangers, presses, buckets, destemmer, drainer, belts and tanks of all capacities. Listening to you to make the best use of your equipment, we also take care of dismantling and evacuation of equipment. This cash will allow you to develop your new projects and your investments. Submit your equipment directly online by filling in the form.

• Solutions for other areas •

Arsilac also works in many business sectors: agriculture, agrifood, sanitation, design office, chemistry, community, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, recycling and environment, viticulture. An opportunity to have another look at your project, to share experiences and expertise, but also to meet future collaborators. Discover all the business applications concerned.