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Transport, a service offered by Arsilac

Detailed description :

When buying or selling industrial tanks and equipment, these must also be sent to their final destination. Especially with large copies, transporting this type of material requires not only the required skills, but also the right material. Arsilac has both, so we offer the transport service through our partner teams.

Our partner team takes care of the loading as well as the stowage of equipment, whatever the field of activity: cellars, wine cellars, beer breweries, pharmaceutical or cosmetic laboratory ... by offering exceptional convoys: up to 5 m wide and 25 m long, we will take care of all your transport.

We are specialized in the transport of: tanks, refrigeration units, presses ... in several industrial sectors: wine, food, chemical or pharmaceutical.

We carry out special road transport throughout France and the neighboring countries in Europe (England, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain…)