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Water recuperator

Tanks for rainwater harvesting

A water tank is a reservoir designed to store water for human consumption, agriculture or any other use. They are an essential element of a water supply network, to compensate for seasonal variations in drinking water demand.

Installing a rainwater harvesting tank is always an excellent idea. Good for the environment, water harvesting consists of reusing rainwater in activities. In addition, tanks also save water by avoiding the use of mains water.

The storage tank allows water to be collected during rainy periods, making the water resource available close to the points of activity, especially during periods of drought in the most arid regions.

They can be placed above or below ground level, but not all cisterns are intended to be buried, even with all the technical recommendations that must be respected. If the collected water is not intended for direct consumption, it does not require treatment, which makes the system inexpensive to install.

Tanks for drinking water, rainwater harvesting or irrigation. Find the one that best suits your needs.

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