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A service offered by Arsilac to upgrade your inactive assets.

Detailed description :

Specialising in the recovery of unused production units, Arsilac is a major player in industrial recycling. Tanks, pumps, filters etc. by the unit, or by whole unit. Everywhere in France: wine cellars, food production plants, cosmetic production units, etc.

If you wish to sell equipment, we study all proposals made by email, with photos, descriptions and contact details.
via the sales form

After a diagnosis of the functioning of your equipment, we will propose a buy-back offer for all types of equipment: Containers, pumps, filters, exchangers, presses, skips, destemmers, drainers, belts and vats of all capacities.

We listen to your needs in order to make the most of your equipment. This cash flow will allow you to develop your new projects and investments. We are active in a wide range of sectors: food, wine, brewing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

If necessary, Arsilac will take care of the dismantling of the installations, you will have only one contact. Whether it is for a partial or total takeover of the old equipment, we will calculate the value of your equipment.

Dismantling and reinstallation in extermis ! Dismantling of a vinification unit at Domaine Claude Lafond
Dismantling at Moët & Chandon : A look back at the dismantling of 51 stainless steel 316 tanks of 220 and 330 HL.
Dismantling of 90 fibre tanks : Before and after pictures of the dismantling of a bottling site.