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A service offered by Arsilac to upgrade your inactive assets.

Detailed description :

Specializing in the recovery of unused production units, Arsilac is a major player in industrial upgrading. Tanks, pumps, filters, ... per unit, or per whole unit. Winery, food production plant, cosmetic production unit, everywhere in France.

After a functional diagnosis of your equipment, we will offer a buyout offer for all types of equipment: Containers, pumps, filters, exchangers, presses, buckets, destemmer, drainer, mats and tanks of all capacities.

Listening to you to make the most of your equipment, this cash will allow you to develop your new projects and investments. The sectors of activity in which we operate are numerous: food, wine, brewery, chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics ...

Arsilac will take care of dismantling the installations, you will have only one contact. Whether for a partial or total recovery of old equipment, we will calculate the value of your equipment.

Would you like to call on the Arsilac teams to inquire about a possible service? You want to get rid of industrial objects, we can discuss it. Contact us now using our form.