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Wine industry

Arsilac, specialist since 2006

We offer all the wine-making equipment from the reception of the grapes to the bottling. We work with the best brands, meeting the requirements of the profession. New or used, our equipment covers pressing, temperature control, storage, vinification, pumping, reception and bottling of grapes.

Stainless steel vinification tanks

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For ease of use and better risk management, it is one of the most widely used materials. Stainless steel is food safe, easier to clean, light and above all neutral in terms of taste and spillage. They can be stored either indoors or outdoors and can incorporate a temperature control system via coils or flags. Stainless steel tanks come in all sizes, allowing for parcel-based vinification projects with small capacity tanks.

Manufacture of several tank shapes, including yours.
Cylindrical, vertical, horizontal, compartmentalized tanks.
Truncated cone-shaped, vertical, horizontal, self-draining tanks.
Tanks with movable ceiling, wine racks.
Parallelepipedic, quadrangular, belon tanks.

Design and manufacture of standard storage tanks to insulated truncated cone tanks with heat exchangers and state-of-the-art equipment, the ultimate in winemaking technology.
We adapt to technical specifications by offering products adapted to your needs in terms of volume, shape, equipment and price.

Self-emptying truncated-cone tanks

Function: maceration of fresh grapes, red wine making and wine storage.
Innovative features of the product: vat with a truncated cone-shaped ferrule allowing a natural punching down and a better crumbling of the marc during pumping over and bleeding. The combination of the truncated cone-shaped ferrule with a conical bottom allows automatic decanting. This innovation allows large producers to vinify in high quality vats without disturbing the organisation of the winery.

Insulated frustoconical tanks with heat exchange

Its advantages :
- Natural punching down
- Better extraction of phenolic compounds
- Minimal heat loss
- Facilitation of cold pre-fermentation maceration
- Homogeneous temperature thanks to a good distribution of the peripheral heat exchanger
- Reduced energy consumption
- Ease of cleaning
- Aesthetics

Stainless steel tanks with floating caps: wine storage tanks

The wine racks are built according to well-established processes that have proven themselves over the years. From simple wine racks with or without a door, to wine racks with shell exchangers, to insulated wine racks, with or without a bracket equipped with a stainless steel or fibre float, depending on the customer's choice, everyone will be able to find a product that is adapted to his or her storage or even vinification methods.

Compartmented stainless steel tanks

From the 1-compartment tank, we can offer you compartmentalized tanks with 2, 3, 4 wine-making or storage compartments or a mix of both allowing for example to flow from the upper wine-making compartment into the lower compartment by gravity and this in all possibilities of volume and shape.

The cellars

We design and build wine cellars with engineering companies or on our own, with or without access and guardrails. We can meet your design requirements thanks to our CAD tools and our experience. We can present you with photo renderings of your projects which will allow you to project yourself in your new investment and refine the design before the realization.

Specific peripheral equipment

- Piping, stairs, access walkways.
- Pumps, electro-technical installations
- Immersed multi-tube heat exchangers in stainless steel.
- Vertical and horizontal stirring systems.
- Semi-automatic or automatic pneumatic pigs.