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Funding options, a service offered by Arsilac

Detailed description :

- Agilor -
Simple, flexible and fast financing systems

We know that choosing the right equipment is essential for your business. Arsilac offers solutions to finance the purchase of new or used equipment: production unit, press, wine making equipment ...

Agilor make it possible, in a single step, to directly purchase and apply for financing for the purchase of wine or production equipment. It is possible to contract through this conventional credit, but also a financial lease or rental.

Each year, more than 150,000 lines of financing are granted via these financing mechanisms, whether it be replacements for wine vats, purchases of presses or bottling equipment.

The borrowing conditions for a conventional loan:
- over a period of 1 to 7 years, depending on the needs and the nature of the property financed;
- in the form of annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly installments;
- with a 1st deadline possibly deferred from 1 to 21 months.

 The strong points :
- A simplified approach: Arsilac fills out the funding request with you and transmits it to the funding organization chosen;
- A rapid response time: as soon as the organization receives the file, the latter undertakes to give an answer within 48 hours. When the request is accepted, Arsilac is informed and can proceed with the delivery of the equipment;
- An attractive rate: developed in partnership with manufacturers and dealers, the financing solutions allow buyers of equipment to benefit from preferential credit conditions *;
- A schedule adapted to the cash flow of the farm: you can according to the forecasts, wait for the marketing and the profitability of the following campaign to start repaying.

Would you like to call on the Arsilac teams to find out about a possible financing solution?
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* Including MT / CT VAT / CT consumable 12 months
At Agilor, the national rates on 01 May 2022 are :
- 1.25% for a financing period of 1 to 60 months
- 1.35% for a financing period of 61 to 84 months
- 1.55% for a financing period of 85 to 120 months
Please contact us for the current rate.